Wednesday, December 24, 2008


It's Christmas Eve and I'm still wrapping. I can use the ice storm as an excuse, but, truth be told, last minute wrapping is my norm. Books are always in my gift pile. Somehow I think others like to receive them as much as I do!

This year I chose two books for my granddaughters. One, Heidi, very traditional, and the other, Fairy Tale Feasts by mother and daughter team Jane Yolen and Heidi Stemple, sort of traditional.

In Fairy Tale Feasts, subtitled A Literary Cookbook for Young Readers and Eaters, Yolen presents familiar and not-so-familiar tales with new details that make the stories fresh. Grandmother loses her white curls in Little Red Riding Hood when the hunter fillets the wolf too quickly.

Folktale history is presented in sidebars, and each tale is followed by a relevant recipe developed and tested by Stemple. Deviled eggs, potato salad and chicken pockets are in Red Riding Hood's basket.

Creating and enjoying the food in this book will connect the fairy tale with the experience forever. Why shouldn't my too favorite occupations, reading and eating, be companions?

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