Wednesday, January 21, 2009

children's author K.D. Huxman

I'm in love with public transportation. In Boulder, Colorado for a January thaw week, I've hopped on a regional bus to Longmont and an express to Denver. In Denver, I met with a friend and writing colleague whom I hadn't seen for eight years. Over lunch we caught up with each other's lives and writing projects.

Karin writes for adults and children. Dragon Talk and Grizzelda Gorilla are picture books for young children and published by Kittycat Books. Grizzelda Gorilla won an EPPIE Award in 2008 for best children's ebook. Check out Karin's books at

I've started another poem for my Maine Summer collection while here. It's a state fair poem, complete with cotton candy, Midway rides and heifer showing.

Next week I won't be gazing at the Flatirons, the Rockies or enjoying 60 degree weather. I'll be back to boots, mittens and snow!

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