Wednesday, May 20, 2009

mugwump box

All writers need a mugwump box. Mine was a gift from a wise mentor. It's a hinged cloisonne box. Inside is a carved stone turtle and the words, "Slow and steady wins the day. Park your fears in this mugmump box when you write."

Mugwump is derived from an Algonquian word meaning war leader. It evolved into describing a politician who couldn't make up his mind, or someone on the fence with his mug and wump on opposite sides.

I have been known to sit on the fence worrying about a writing project. The project's too huge. I have no authority. Better to jump of the fence and lumber along into a new book!

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  1. HI Joyce,
    I love the idea of a mugwump box! Boy do I need one now. I've barely touched my writing since the conference but am trying to get back on track and focus on one project at a time so that something can finally be completed. Forge ahead! - Cecilia


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