Wednesday, July 29, 2009

work and play

No more museums for awhile. The sun has found Maine! In order to work and keep from morning kayaking, I drive to Miller Library at Colby College. Funny how that provides a work atmosphere for me. I can’t make potato salad, wander down to the dock or do a hand laundry. I write for three hours, return to camp for lunch where my husband is glad to see me and we enjoy the lake in the afternoon.

I’m crafting a new chapter in Hildegard’s story. When I get stuck, I re-read other chapters. Sometimes I discover that I need more detail to flesh out the scene. I needed to see what Hildegard saw when she moved her nuns to start a new monastery. She had been enclosed in an anchorage for some years, then moved out to start a convent with her teacher within the walls of St. Disibod’s monastery. For forty years she had not been outside the walls. Everything must have seemed new.

The details are coming from the Luttrell Psalter, a 14th century illuminated English prayer book. I’m making the leap that English medieval country scenes were much like those in Germany in the 12th century. Hildegard may have seen women harvesting barley and a gooseherd waving his club to scare a hawk away from his geese.

However, Hildegard will be on vacation for a few days. The grandkids have arrived!

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