Wednesday, September 9, 2009

not so random acts of publicity

This is Random Acts of Publicity Week. Here I'll review a wonderful book I just read, but I have a not so random act of publicity, too. My copy of the first children's book project I have collaborated on arrived this week! What a grand feeling to hold that book in my hands! My family threw an on-the-spot author party with tea, scones and Silly String! My grandson even created my promotion poster!

Women of the Golden State is authored by Linda Crotta Brennan and Others. I contributed three profiles - Alice Eastwood: Plant Pioneer, Judith Baca: Healing with Art and Janice Mirikitani: Word Warrior. I loved researching and writing about these women.

Women of the Golden State is part of the America's Notable Women Series. You can find out more information at Apprentice Shop Books.

Now the book review. Lost by Jacqueline Davies is the riveting story of Essie, a shirtwaist factory girl in early twentieth century New York. Essie is a character to care about, to make a reader turn the page, as if reading on will help Essie find what she has lost.

Essie’s fierce determination and skill with her hands gets her through life. Her can-do attitude helps her fix any problem. But it’s her love for her young sister Zelda that gives her life purpose. Essie’s budding love for her fire-escape friend and her curiosity about a mysterious new factory girl add texture and intrigue. Davies weaves these threads of Essie’s life together until she is so real we are sure we know her.

When Essie survives the 1911 Triangle Waist Company fire, she is finally able to face another tragedy. She accepts what her conscious mind has buried and acknowledges what she has lost.

Jackie did a superb job. If you loved Katherine Paterson's Lyddie, you'll love Lost by Jacqueline Davies.


  1. Congratulations, Joyce! I'm anxious to get a copy and give you a well-deserved plug on my blog.

  2. Hi Joyce-so interesting that you were just reading a novel about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, because I was too! Mine was by Margaret Peterson Haddix, one of my favorite authors, and was called Uprising. Riveting.

  3. love your grandson's poster. Now I have to go put Jackie's book on hold!


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