Wednesday, January 6, 2010


In this season of Epiphany, I'm always hopeful that my own way will become clear. That I'll have a break through in whatever I'm working on or pondering. Like the Wise Men, I dream, but the meaning is lost to me. An eureka moment would make all the slogging worthwhile, wouldn't it?

So I begin the new year - researching and writing non-fiction, revising Hildegard, planning poetry workshops. I wait for my epiphany, the moment when I realize what my purpose is. It usually comes during the work, hard-won, but there all the same.

This year I will make a long journey for an extended stay in Japan. New experiences will open the way for fresh epiphanies. It worked for the Wise Men. Like them, I will be waiting.


  1. Those "ah hah" moments of epiphany are a gift. I too am working on my Prairie women and am enjoying learning about their particular moments as I search for my own. Happy New Year, may it be full.

  2. These women we learn about are so inspiring, aren't they? Did they ever fret over the hum-drum stuff of our lives?


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