Friday, March 25, 2011

cherry blossom mantle

My mind is so much on Japan these days. We spent last summer in the north, a little west of the tsunami area. While volunteering at the Asian Rural Institute, we traveled a bit.

One June weekend we explored the beautiful bay area of Matsushima, where the poet Basho stayed for a time. This month, blogs report that the many pine-capped islands throughout the bay broke the brunt of the wave, or else the loss of lives and damage would have been much worse. Still, the town is suffering.

As northern Japan comes into its cherry blossom season, I remember the snowfalls of last April’s cherry blossoms. Perhaps this year, some of the devastation will wear a mantle of beauty. If so, to me it will symbolize the dignity of the Japanese people.

cherry blossoms snow
over shrines and splintered dreams
fragile pale beauty


  1. Lots of cherry blossoms (and thoughts of Japan's healing) in the roundup this week! Yours is beautiful and touching. Because you've seen the beauty first hand, you know the loss more strongly than those of us who haven't. And you can imagine the pain of those living it more clearly, since you've lived there.

  2. Thanks, Mary Lee. Your words are comforting. Thanks for hosting the Round-up this week.

  3. We love what you are doing in honor of of Poetry Month. Check out with LitWorld is doing during the Poetry Month.

  4. A lovely haiku to honor the spirit of Japan.


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