Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2012 Award-Winning Books Challenge

A Winter Solstice Commitment

I keep intending to read those award-winners I’ve missed. Now I’ve found my opportunity. I joined the 2012 Award-Winning Books Reading Challenge sponsored by Gathering Books.

I’ll read and write reviews to recommend award-winning books right here on my blog. I’m headed for the Silver Medal level, between 11 and 25 books. The books can be for children or adults. What fun!

Check out this challenge at Gathering Books. Local and regional awards and recognition count also, not just national and international awards.

Hosts Myra and Iphigene are Poetry Friday contributors, always posting phenomenal poems from creative poets we might not find on our own.

Wish me good reads as I add old and new award winning books to my reading journal. I’ll take your recommendations, too!

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  1. Hi Joyce Ray!! We're excited about the reading challenge too and we look forward to reading your book recommendations. :) We're thrilled that you decided to join. :)


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