Friday, February 10, 2012

Today I’m sharing a resource that is an inspiration and has helped me prepare workshops for my church. Finding What You Didn’t Lose, Expressing Your Truth and Creativity Through Poem-Making by John Fox is full of meaningful exercises for individuals that can also be used with groups. Some of the chapter headings are “Leaving the Roots on Your Writing,” “Gold in the Attic” and “The Brain is Just the Weight of God.”

My February workshop is titled “Psalms–Words for the Journey,” and Fox’s exercises will fit perfectly.

Here’s part of a John Fox poem about what poetry is:

From “Poetry”

Poetry is a choice to feel it all,
not all at once but gradually to sink down
within ourselves, to give what fear
we hold behind our knees
to gravity and grace,
to discover what makes
our whole world turn;

Read the whole poem here.
Check out Fox’s website at The Institute for Poetic Medicine and read more of his poems.

Have fun reading more Poetry Friday offerings with Laura Salas at Writing the World for Kids.


  1. Your workshop sounds wonderful, Joyce! I love these lines from the Fox poem:
    " give what fear/ we hold behind our knees/ to gravity and grace,..." Thank you for pointing us to his website - happy to discover it.

  2. Love Fox's poem! Beautiful. Will have to look for his book and check out his website. Thanks for sharing and have fun with your workshops. :)

  3. Gorgeous poem. I love the beginning, too: "She skates boldly onto/the page" & then cuts that line with such courage, and so on. Doesn't it make you wonder about whom it is written? The book sounds interesting & there are many out there that are helpful. Hope the workshop goes well.

  4. Thanks for dropping by Robyn, jama and Linda. Visits from Poetry Friday friends are special!

  5. What a beautiful beautiful poem. There are instances when I do feel for certain that poetry heals - and your post today has just solidified that notion. I shall look out for this book. Putting it on my list now.


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