Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Donna at Mainely Write came up with a challenge for World Poetry Day- a scavenger hunt to find a poem! What better way to prime the pump for poetry month in April? Just reading the directions is a hoot. Thanks, Donna, for making this exercise so much fun.

Each line was discovered by a visit to one of eight blogs well known to Poetry Friday participants. After following her careful clues, here is the delightful spring poem I found:

Silence blooms.
The world turns green-
another year spinning around to throw
furns unfurled
under trees
pining for the fragrance of the forest.
Figments and fancies
play with me.

The ferns in Yorkshire Kris's delightful YouTube video won't be unfurling in New Hampshire anytime soon!



  1. Whooo-hooo! You did it! And you're even wearing your badge! Congratulations! I love the video. Perfect!

  2. Thanks, Marcia. Hope we can see each other soon.


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