Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Community college libraries are wonderful to escape to, especially in the summer. But it's hard when the sky finally looks like this one in Slovakia a few weeks ago! I've been writing at our tech this week. Hardly anyone has been there, though today groups seem to be conferring with professors in the library. It is warmish, but not bad with this cool NE summer!

I feel like I'm working with a scalpel and a trowel! I'm re-visioning the structure of my Hildegard story. Cut, add and lay in mortar to hold it all together! With this new version of Hildegard, flashbacks are needed to fill in back story, and I have to relearn how to do them effectively.

The draft I'm working with is so polished that the new writing seems strained. I have to get over that and just lay down the words. The polishing will come later after I have the new structure.

It's off to Maine now. When the lake gets too distracting, I head for the Colby College library.

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