Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Windows are being replaced at home, so I took refuge at the community college library today. I intended to continue work on Hildegard. However, I revised a picture book manuscript instead.

I received good peer feedback from the annual NESCBWI conference this spring. Now I've incorporated it. Where to submit? This is a tough one. I've already tried the two houses I targeted as open to stories with a religious theme, Eerdsmans and Ideals. Now I must find others.

I ended the day by hearing Donald Hall and Peter Campion read at New England College. Hall read one of my favorites, "Names of Horses." I got up the nerve to introduce myself. At over eighty and frailer looking every time, he still is rather a rather formidable wild haired, bushy person with a literary giant's reputation!

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  1. Joyce, I might know of someone who might be interested in your book. She loves Hildegard, has published several of her own books and has lots of connections, especially in the spiritual/spirituality realm. Let me know and I'll look up her Website for you and put you in touch with her.


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