Wednesday, August 19, 2009

hanging with Hildegard

It's been too hot to work for a week. At ninety degrees all I can do is breathe! I guess summer remembered Maine, after all. Or did Maine suddenly recall how to serve up summer? I definitely couldn't be a southern girl! How did Eudora Welty manage to write down in Jackson, Mississippi!

Today the heat wave has broken and clouds have rolled in. I tackled my Hildegard manuscript again, filling in details about herbs that would have been in her infirmary garden. I stumbled onto websites where current posts responded to the "news" that Hildegard was a herbal healer. All this interest in my subject is good!

I verified that Agnes was indeed a woman's name in 12th-century Germany and straightened myself out on the difference between a Psalter and a Breviary. I sleuthed around until I found that Lady's Mantle and Shepherd's purse grow in the Rhine Valley. The Internet makes these searches so easy.

I also have to get going and revise some poems. I'm one of the readers at Art in The Woods in Marlow, NH in September and need some fresh material! Cooler weather will help tremendously!

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