Friday, August 12, 2011

Children's Book Illustrator's Exhibit

Check out the Children’s Book Illustrator’s exhibit at the University of New England Art Gallery in Portland, Maine. Illustrations from many treasured books are displayed. My personal favorite is Barbara Cooney’s painting of Miss Rumphius discovering lupines in the valley.

I loved seeing two Dahlov Ipcar originals, since I just wrote her profile for Women of the Pine Tree State. The colors are much more vivid than those on pages of My Wonderful Christmas Tree. Diane De Groat’s watercolor of Anastasia Krupnik is there along with some Jerry Pinkney Aesop Fable illustrations, including his wonderful red fox cover.

The show includes a Holly Meade watercolor collage and Jane Dyer’s Fish Soup print of a green-scaled grouper in a waiter’s jacket. It’s very special to view these illustrations on the wall. Two more I loved are E.B. Lewis’s art from We Are All the Colors of Freedom and Melissa Sweet’s collage of Audubon’s collection in The Boy Who Drew Birds.

Twenty-eight artists are represented and author Lois Lowry is speaking at the gallery on September 6.

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