Friday, August 5, 2011

Poetry Friday

Last week I enjoyed a day at the Maine beach of my childhood with my granddaughter and niece. The sky was gorgeous, the sand hot and the waves crashed and thundered. I was surprised that the water was merely chilly instead of the numbing cold I remembered.

Here’s a poem inspired by watching the girls bob in the swells and body surf.

Water Sprite

You twirl and dip and sing
your song while the water
cradles your arms, your legs
like before your birth when
only you could hear your song–
Water Sprite.


  1. Such an apt name: water sprite - the photograph has likewise captured this nuance. Reminded me somewhat of tree dryads. Lovely poem and photo, thank you for sharing.

  2. Ahhh - I can feel the sea spray from here! What a day to treasure for the young ladies and for you, and now they have this lovely poem to last forever, and this perfect picture, too. [I used to love to sing in the ocean as a girl!]


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